Tooth Spas in London

Yes, you read the title of this post right. I was scanning the local news about Invisalign and how it has become the huge topic of conversation these days, and found that oral health is now the new big "fad" in London! It turns out, that dentists are getting together and offering their services in much the same way as nail salons with what they call walk in "Tooth Spas."

It's quite an interesting idea. Instead of walking into a nail salon and getting your nails painted, you can step into a tooth spa for a teeth whitening or a "gloss and shine." One noted Tooth Spa in London is called Toothplace. Though this seems like a great idea, my only fear is the level of expertise that can be provided in a walk-in environment. The health of your teeth will effect the overall health of your entire body, so it's important, when choosing an orthodontist or dentist, that you don't take it lightly.

What are your thoughts on this new fad?