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While there are numerous options to choose from, the consistent selection of metal braces at the practice of Drs. Joel and Charles Brodsky underscore their durability and unmatched character.

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Welcome to a world where modernity and comfort meet in orthodontic treatment. At Brodsky Orthodontics, we design our braces with high-quality materials, ensuring you receive the best care possible. Our braces are not just a tried-and-true solution, but also a fun way to express your individuality with a variety of color options.

Experience the evolution of braces. Sleeker and more efficient than ever, our traditional metal braces remain the top choice for teeth correction. Their robust metal structure is designed to endure extreme pressure, making them a reliable alternative to other treatment options.

Choosing Brodsky Orthodontics means you're opting for an accelerated journey to a perfect smile. Our braces, resilient to significant pressure differences, work swiftly to close gaps and correct alignment issues, resulting in faster treatment times.

The result? Less time in treatment and more time enjoying your life with a radiant, confident smile.

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What Are Braces Made of?

Braces are a marvel of orthodontic technology, composed of several different components, each playing a crucial role in the journey to a perfect smile. Let's delve into the composition of braces:


Brackets serve as the foundation that secures the wire in position. These are crafted from a blend of stainless steel, nickel, and other metals, equipped with small hooks or doors to accommodate the archwire.

Your Lakewood experts at Brodsky Orthodontics fasten the brackets by positioning an elastic color tie over the archwire.


Dr. Joel Brodsky or Dr. Charles Brodsky attaches the brackets to your teeth with a specialized orthodontic glue. This is applied directly to the teeth.


The wire is a slender strip of metal that extends from one bracket to another, bending and curving as required to guide your teeth towards their intended alignment.

While it typically connects all lower/upper teeth, there may be circumstances where it's beneficial to trim this wire, as occasionally linking only a few teeth can enhance the results of your personalized treatment plan.

Your orthodontist at Brodsky Orthodontics will make an informed decision tailored to your specific treatment plan.


Elastics are an essential part of the process if Dr. Joel Brodsky or Dr. Charles Brodsky decides your bite needs correction. Generally, if elastics are required, we’ll string them between the upper and lower bracket hook.

At Brodsky Orthodontics, we use rubber bands to correct your bite. They are super easy to take on and off. We will show you how to use them.

Elastic Rubberbands

Elastics play a pivotal role in the treatment process if Dr. Joel Brodsky or Dr. Charles Brodsky determines that your bite requires adjustment. Typically, if elastics are needed, they are strung between the hooks of the upper and lower brackets.

Here at Brodsky Orthodontics, we utilize rubber bands to improve your bite. These are incredibly simple to attach and remove. Rest assured, our team will guide you on how to use them effectively.


Dr. Joel Brodsky or Dr. Charles Brodsky may utilize these tiny elastic donuts, known as spacers, to create necessary gaps between your teeth. The most typical time for the use of spacers is prior to the placement of your bands, if required.

At Brodsky Orthodontics, we ensure that every step of your treatment is tailored to your unique needs, and spacers are just one of the tools we use to achieve the perfect alignment for your smile.

Elastic Ligature Ties

These are tiny rubber bands that hold the archwire into the bracket. They come in a variety of fun colors that you can choose from to personalize your orthodontic journey. Whether you want to show off your school spirit, celebrate a holiday, or simply match your favorite outfit, elastomerics add a touch of fun to your treatment. At the practice of Dr. Joel Brodsky and Dr. Charles Brodsky, we believe that orthodontic treatment should be as enjoyable and unique as the smiles we're creating.

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Elastic Bands

Orthodontic bands are small metal rings that are placed around your back molars during orthodontic treatment. They provide a strong anchor for your braces and are used when more force is needed to move your teeth. Dr. Joel Brodsky or Dr. Charles Brodsky will ensure that these bands are fitted comfortably and securely, playing a crucial role in your journey towards a perfect smile.

Metal Braces FAQ

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If you’re looking for an effective and affordable orthodontic treatment option, metal braces may be the right choice for you.

At Brodsky Orthodontics, our experienced team is dedicated to providing patients with personalized and high-quality care throughout their treatment journey.

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