Jeremy Vistica, DMD

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be an orthodontist. After leaving each appointment, I was already looking forward to my next because of how special they made me feel. After that, I was inspired, working my way to becoming an orthodontist myself, even keeping my headgear as a memento during my journey.

My 14-year career has taken me all over, allowing me to work on my practice worldwide. Being a general dentist in the Navy, private practice, and public health gave me the unique opportunity to perfect the skills I bring to Brodsky Orthodontics.

I believe in not just the result but the journey. When a patient sits down in my chair, they become more than a patient to me. My goal is to create an enjoyable experience for each patient, making them excited for the next visit just as much as achieving the smile of their dreams.

I strive for an environment of support, encouragement, and joy, creating the same feeling for my patients as I had when I sat in the chair.

Education & Continuing Education

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon. I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University. Then, I headed to Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry to earn my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2007.

With my education temporarily completed, my career led me to join the United States Navy. I had the privilege of serving the dental needs of naval recruits in Great Lakes, IL, and sailors aboard the USS George Washington aircraft carrier in Yokosuka, Japan.

Post-Navy, I continued with dentistry through various roles, from private practice to public health, before eventually becoming the Dental Director for the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indian’s Health Clinic. This diverse career, spanning over 14 years, gave me the opportunity to work on and hone my practice.

But my childhood dream returned to me, and I’d soon return to academia, joining a residency program in Washington DC at MedStar Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University Medical Center/Children’s National Medical Center, where I would earn a certificate in Orthodontics. My program was rigorous, strongly emphasizing orthognathic surgery preparation and helping patients with cleft and craniofacial syndromes.

Dr. J - Pierre Tulifau

Outside of the Office

When I’m away from the office, I spend time with my wonderful wife, Yuka, and our two amazing children, Laylana and Logan, who always keep us busy and entertained. I met my wife during my time in the Navy while aboard the USS George Washington aircraft carrier in Yokosuka, Japan, while giving a tour of our ship’s dental department to Japanese Dentists.

Our home is a bustling hub of activities, with my hobbies ranging from the creative to the entertaining. I have a passion for woodworking and house remodeling, keeping me busy transforming spaces.

When not working with my hands, Karaoke and movie nights with the family are staples. If you bring up superheroes or TMNT, I may have to learn how to reattach an ear after talking it off.