Dr. Joel at the Edward H. Angle Orthodontic Society meeting!

EHANGLEDr. Joel Brodsky returned from his trip to Baltimore after attending the annual meeting of the Edward H. Angle Orthodontic Society. Dr Angle is considered the father of orthodontics having invented "braces" in the late 1800s. Dr. Brodsky is one of about 100 members of this very prestigious and elite organization made up of orthodontists from around the world who are researchers, academicians and/or clinicians.

Members are invited to join, and must present an original research project and show difficult cases that they have treated. The annual meeting is both a social and scientific event. Orthodontists from the US, Canada, Turkey, England, Australia, Italy, Germany and Japan were in attendance.

The most interesting paper was delivered by an orthodontist from Japan who uses orthognathic surgery first prior to treating his most difficult cases with orthodontics. This runs counter to the accepted thought that you prepare the patient first and set them up for the surgery before the surgery is done. The advantage to this technique is that patients' faces looked more normal near the onset of treatment, as opposed to waiting 18 months for the surgical phase.

Dr. Brodsky was asked to review a paper titled ”Vertical Control with the Herbst Appliance: Fact or Fiction?” presented by an internationally-known orthodontist from Australia. This Herbst appliance is used extensively at Brodsky Orthodontics to correct malocclusions that initially have large overbites. The paper was extremely well done and Dr. Brodsky led a discussion on its merits and posed some interesting questions to the author which led to some spirited discussions as well. We are happy to reaffirm that the manner in which we use this appliance is supported by the science that was presented in this paper.

Dr. Joel Brodsky will be traveling to Washington D.C. at the end of April to present a paper titled “Cone Beam CT in the Private Practice” at the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists. More about that in weeks to come!

Happy Monday!