Brodsky Imaging

We are pleased to announce the addition to our orthodontic office of a craniofacial imaging center called Brodsky Imaging. Our imaging center will provide low radiation three-dimensional Computerized Tomography (3-D CT) images to our orthodontic patients utilizing the overwhelmingly popular I-CAT Cone Beam CT scanner. This new and exciting technology will enable the doctors to obtain high definition, 3-D CT scans of our patients' maxilla and mandible. With one scan, lasting under 10 seconds, the doctor will be able to obtain all the necessary x-rays required for orthodontic treatment.

Because of the uniqueness of our I-CAT machine, we allow the surrounding dental and medical community to use our machine to create images for their patients. All scans are taken in a very patient-friendly atmosphere where the patient can be seated in an upright position similar to a standard panoramic procedure. We will provide the referring doctor with either a CD-ROM or printed copies of the data. This 3-D data can be utilized for:

  • Dental implant planning
  • Orthodontic/Surgical Studies
  • Impacted teeth evaluations
  • TMJ studies
  • Bone grafting evaluations
  • Sinus and Airway studies
  • Oral path/reconstruction studies
  • Endodontic studies

The level of radiation exposure with this technology (34-68 uSv) is much lower than your typical medical CT scan (1200-3300 uSv) or full mouth series x-rays (150 uSv).

For dentists interested in taking this technology a step further, Brodsky Imaging will help you navigate the world of computer-guided implant surgery. The CT scans we provide are easily imported into third party dental implant planning software such as: Nobel Guided Surgery™, Simplant™, and VIP/Implant Logic Systems™. The software listed allows you to precisely plan an implant case prior to surgery, avoiding regional anatomy, measuring bone width pre-operatively, order surgical drill guides and even generate a provisional or final prosthesis if desired.

Brodsky Imaging is excited and proud to provide the latest and most advanced craniofacial imaging for our patients as well as the local medical/dental community.