Are You Getting a Rebate Check from the IRS?

dr-joel-brodsky-orthodontist-california-moneyThe Internal Revenue Service will begin sending more than 130 million economic stimulus payments starting May 2.

If anyone in your family or you have been considering orthodontic treatment this may be the time to visit our office and discuss how you can use your rebate for the down payment.
Below is some important information about "Stimulus" payments you might not know:

Payments will be made by direct deposit for individuals who have chosen to receive their 2007 income tax refunds through direct deposit. All others will receive their economic stimulus payments in the form of a check.

Stimulus payments will be sent out in the order of the last two digits of the Social Security number used on your tax return. Taxpayers may receive their checks at different times than their neighbors or other family members. On a jointly filed return, the first Social Security number listed will determine the mail-out date.

The IRS offers the availability of an on-line calculator on to help taxpayers determine if they are eligible to receive an economic stimulus payment and how much they can expect.