Announcing the arrival of the new iCAT FLX

resizedimage600173-FLXStrip2For the last 7 years we have been using digital radiography called I-CAT. I-CAT is the next generation of x-ray technology. It utilizes dynamic three dimensional cone beam digital imaging. This 3-D scan allows Dr. Brodsky to produce diagnostic records that illustrate the images of the teeth, along with the supporting bones, jaws, jaw joints, and other bony structures. This results in more precise diagnosis and treatment planning, which enables us to produce the healthiest relationship between the jaw joints and the teeth, while producing the most harmonious smile at the same time.

Technology has advanced in the last seven years and a new version of the iCAT has been released called the iCAT FLX.  Because we are committed to the lowest amount of radiation for our patients, we have traded in our iCAT for an iCAT FLX.  This new imaging process uses significantly less radiation. One 3D orthodontic scan will produce all the diagnostic x-rays (panoramic, cephalometric, TMJ panel) at 11 uSv, which is less radiation than most digital panoramic x-ray machines.  Therefore our patients can expect 1/8 to 1/2 the amount of radiation that a typical orthodontic patient will undergo at another office (and the image quality will be much superior)!