How to Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies

Oh no! Something’s gone wrong with your braces. You’ve invested all this time and money into getting a healthy, straight smile, and now it seems like all that hard work may be derailed A true orthodontic emergency may be rare, but there is always the chance that something unfortunate could happen. If you find yourself Read More

The Risk of Sleep Apnea for Your Child is Real

Your daughter has been distracted and has trouble paying attention in class. She is irritable and snaps at people, and has trouble remembering things. You know she goes to bed at a reasonable hour, but somehow she always wakes up looking like she hasn’t closed her eyes in days and complains of still being tired. Read More

Do Braces Hurt?

Many of our first-time patients worry that getting braces will be a painful experience, and worry about how much discomfort they will need to endure. Getting braces is a big undertaking, and the thought of long-term pain can be offputting. The truth of the matter is that orthodontic treatment can be uncomfortable, but it is Read More