Remember to See Your Dentist! – Brodsky Orthodontics

Are you brushing your teeth twice a day? If yes, that’s great; but, don’t forget that it’s also important to visit the dentist every six months in addition to your orthodontic visits. Regular dental checkups are important for maintaining good oral health. Your dentist can: • Check for problems that might not be seen or Read More

The Tooth Fairy – Dr. Brodsky

Losing your first tooth, or any baby tooth for that matter, can be exciting! Your baby tooth may be gone, but in no time you will have a bigger, “grown-up” tooth in its place. So what do you do with the lost tooth? That’s simple…place it under your pillow at night and when you are Read More

Katherine Heigl Struggles with Crooked Teeth

Everyone struggles with little imperfections. Making crooked teeth straight, stained teeth sparkling white and chipped teeth smooth is part of what I do as an orthodontist. The sense of renewed self confidence that comes to my patients after having some sort of reconstructive work is what makes my job worthwhile. Consider Katherine Heigl, award winning Read More

Understanding Cavities – Lakewood, CA Orthodontist

Vending machines are a quick way to satisfy hunger. You put in $1.50 and you get back a candy bar, bag of chips or even a soda…but that’s not all! Vending machines not only dispense sweet treats and caffeine bursts, but they also dispense cavities! Every time you chow down on that chocolate bar the Read More