Your First Orthodontic Visit

Some patients get a bad case of nerves when it comes to planning their first visit to the orthodontist. Fear of the unknown is a real thing, and if you are not sure what to expect from your initial appointment, it is only natural to be hesitant. While we understand feeling apprehensive, we want your first visit to Brodsky Orthodontics to be an exciting experience! It is not only your first visit, it is the most important one. This is our chance to make an amazing first impression as we get acquainted and walk you through the treatments and services we offer in our Lakewood practice. Whether you are here for yourself or your child, we work hard to make your initial appointment as relaxed and informative as possible. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly you can expect from your very first orthodontic appointment at Brodsky Orthodontics!

Exam, diagnosis, and customized treatment plan

Your initial orthodontic evaluation with us will generally last about an hour. We aim to give you plenty of time to get to know us, discuss what you hope to accomplish with orthodontic treatment for you or your child, and ask any questions you might have. We never want you to feel rushed!

Our treatment coordinator will first go over all your goals, questions, and concerns, then she will begin the diagnostic workup process by taking digital photographs of your teeth in their present state. We may also follow this with a series of x-rays, enabling us to see what’s going on beneath the surface of the gums, like the position and growth of the bones and joints, and any teeth still below the gum line. This gives our doctors the chance to diagnose any dental issues present, determine what type of treatment may be necessary, and decide when the best time to begin it would be.

After these diagnostic records are completed, it is time for Dr. Brodsky to perform a thorough examination. We will also ask you quite a few questions, such as if your jaws make any noise as they open or close, or if you have been having any problems chewing or swallowing. When taken together with your records and images, this information allows Dr. Brodsky  to make a proper diagnosis and lay out a customized treatment plan for your smile.

If this is your child’s first visit to an orthodontist, or to our office, we recommend that both parents attend if possible so that you are able to fully understand all aspects of their oral issues. We also welcome your input as we work towards an orthodontic solution that addresses your specific goals and concerns for your child.

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Talking over treatment options

If Dr. Brodsky determines that it is the proper time to address your orthodontic issues, we will talk about the various treatment options available. Depending on the developmental stage of your teeth and jaws, you may be advised to begin treatment right away, or to wait until a later time. Sometimes a patient can benefit from periodic check-ups until we determine the best time to start treatment.

Whether Dr. Brodsky plans to begin your treatment now or in the future, this is a great time for you to ask any questions you have about the process. This appointment is the perfect opportunity to discuss all available treatment choices, what to expect throughout the treatment process, and a wide variety of other topics such as:

  • How orthodontic treatment will benefit you or your child
  • What treatment options are available to correct your specific oral issue
  • Whether treatment is indicated now, or if a wait-and-see approach would be better
  • How much treatment will cost, and payment plans that are available to you
  • How long we expect your treatment to take

After your first appointment with us, we will be able to utilize Southern California’s most advanced diagnostic system to accurately project facial growth and the effects of our proposed treatment plan in 3D. This sophisticated approach toward treatment planning allows us to fully individualize care for each of our patients. If Dr. Brodsky feels you are ready to begin treatment, we can actually set you up to start that same day!

Financing options and payment plans

Once a treatment plan has been put into place, we will go over all associated fees with you carefully. Every case has its own specific needs and challenges, so the cost of treatment will vary from patient to patient. Brodsky Orthodontics is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles, and we do not believe financial considerations should ever be an obstacle to that. For your convenience, we offer financial options such as:

  • Interest-free monthly payments
  • Flexible payment plans, that include no down payment if necessary
  • A courtesy discount of 6% for paying in full upfront
  • Payment by all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and even CareCredit
  • Automatic electronic monthly debit of bank accounts or credit cards

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Insurance coverage

Our experienced and skilled staff are committed to helping you understand your insurance benefits. With most dental insurances, orthodontic benefits are paid as a lifetime benefit. When we know before your treatment starts what your available lifetime orthodontic benefit is, we can develop a payment plan for treatment that will maximize your insurance benefit as well as structure payments for any remaining balance. We can also help by filing your claim and handling any insurance questions from our office on your behalf.

It is our goal to make orthodontic treatment affordable to anyone who desires a straighter, healthier smile. You can count on us to find the most comfortable payment option for you and your family’s budget.

Starting your journey towards a beautiful smile with Brodsky Orthodontics

At Brodsky, every treatment plan is tailored to the patient’s individual needs. We are strongly committed to good communication, and encourage you to play an active role in your treatment. We aim to improve not only the aesthetics of your smile, but the health of your teeth and gums as well as your overall health, and we do it all in a relaxed and fun-loving atmosphere.

If you are in the Lakewood or the surrounding Long Beach area, do not put off the benefits of orthodontic treatment any longer! Because your first visit is so important to us, we are proud to offer a free initial consultation to give you the opportunity to learn how we can improve the health and function of your smile without any commitment. Get in touch with us today to discover the secret behind a Brodsky smile!