What are Accelerated Orthodontics?

Does the idea of spending many months or even multiple years in braces sound daunting to you? The older we get, the less likely we’re going to be enthused about living with braces for a prolonged period of time. The idea of taking the two years or so that correcting misaligned teeth and a misaligned bite entails seems like less and less of a realistic endeavor to take on in the face of a busy life.

Luckily, science and dentistry have come a long way in making braces more discreet, and even in making braces take far less time to correct a patient’s teeth. Invisalign comes to mind as a pioneer in providing treatment that gets similar results as braces, but by using discrete, transparent aligners. However, for folks who require traditional metallic or ceramic braces, accelerated dentistry is an option gaining in popularity. For these particular cases, Brodsky Orthodontics would like to talk about accelerated orthodontics, which can drastically reduce patient’s time in braces.

Generally, in previous generations, braces tended to come along with an 18-24 month time frame. Of course this would vary depending on genetic type, environment, type of malocclusion, and many other variables that come into play. It takes time to build a healthy bite and a winning smile. But, there are appliances and devices that can help cut time (in many cases as much as half) in metallic, ceramic, lingual braces (braces on the backs of patient’s teeth), as well as in Invisalign.

Brodsky Orthodontics offers 2 forms of accelerated orthodontics:


The AcceleDent® system is an orthodontic appliance, a mouthpiece that fits over your orthodontics, generating micro-pulses that will promote bone growth and help your teeth move into a corrected position faster, sometimes up to 50%. You wear this mouthpiece for 20 minutes a day to significantly reduce your time in braces.


Creating miniature traumas, bone growth can be stimulated, can aid braces in shifting teeth into correct position in quicker fashion. The Propel® system works by creating micro-perforations in the bone and areas surrounding the teeth. These perforations are generally mild in nature and need only a topical anesthetic. Propel® stimulates the surrounding gum tissue, promoting faster tooth movement, resulting in some cases a 50% decrease of time in braces. This procedure can be done in-office at Brodsky Orthodontics with very little discomfort for the patient.

There are many benefits to accelerated orthodontics beyond experiencing a shorter time in braces. These versatile procedures can be used in conjunction with metal, ceramic, and lingual braces. Accelerated orthodontics can do wonders in convincing adults to correct their teeth and bite, which makes their lives better on multiple levels. An uneven bite could be causing suffering, headaches, and jaw problems, which will disrupt your daily routine on multiple levels. A reduction of time spent in braces makes the procedure more appealing, which is why more and more individuals are opting for accelerated orthodontics.

To learn more about accelerated orthodontics and how they can benefit you and your lifestyle, please contact Brodsky Orthodontics today. We’ll schedule your initial consultation and start this journey towards the smile you always wanted.