The Diode Laser Treatment

The Diode Laser TreatmentIt’s today: the dreaded appointment with your orthodontist. You hope that you’ll get a clean bill of dental and orthodontic health, but what if you don’t? Will Novocaine have to be used? Needles? Other sharp instruments? Will you need a costly surgery? Will your insurance cover it in addition to the orthodontics treatments you’re already receiving?

No one goes into a doctor’s office hoping for a shot or the prospect of surgery. Luckily, needles and sharp instruments in orthodontics and dental hygiene are becoming a thing of the past. More and more orthodontic practices opt for Diode Laser Treatment.

The practice of orthodontics is all about giving you the best smile possible. The Diode Laser Treatment can be used if you’re waiting on an erupted tooth to fully emerge. It used to be common where the patient would have to wait months for the tooth to emerge or undergo expensive, unpleasant surgeries to accelerate the emergence. However, with a Diode Laser, we can reshape your gums so that we can place brackets on all your teeth at the same time. This means we won’t need to extend the amount of time you wear your braces.

With a Diode Laser Treatment, you won’t have to worry about needles or painful procedures. A topical anesthetic is applied and we’re ready to go. Additionally, once the procedure is done, you can feel relief. Your gums also don’t take long to recover.

When that celebrated day comes and we remove those braces, sometimes a little gum sculpting is required. With our Diode Laser we can make your gums symmetrical quickly and you’ll be ready to show off that smile as soon as you walk out of our office.

The Diode Laser Treatment has become more and more common throughout American orthodontics. The procedure is safe and more convenient for you, the patient. The Diode Laser is one of many ways Dr. Brodsky has brought treatment methods of tomorrow to you, today. Contact Brodsky Orthodontics for more information today.