Hearing all the nice things our patients have to say about us always puts a smile on our face. And there's no greater compliment than a patient referring their friend or family member to our practice. Thank you for being such amazing patients!


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I like that when I come to the orthodontist the girls that check my braces are always nice to me. They are funny and tell me stories that make me smile and laugh. I also like that when I checked in last month the computer knew it was the day before my birthday and told me Happy Birthday – that was cool!
Nick M., age 10
This office took us by surprise. It appears to be an old office, until you step inside. Wow! State-of-the-art technology, super friendly staff and very qualified orthodontists; oh and also it is a family run business – I like that. Great waiting room and quick appointments because there are enough staff members. What a breath of fresh air.
The H Family
Every time my mom reminds me that I have an orthodontist appointment, I get happy. I enjoy going to Dr. Brodsky’s office because everyone there is polite, professional, and efficient. They really care about their patients’ needs! Thank you, Dr. Brodsky, for your wonderful place.
Brandon T., age 14
Brodsky Orthodontics is a very efficiently run office. Staff support and service is immeasurable! It is also welcoming and accommodating. Most importantly, I trust that my mouth is in the best orthodontists’ hands in town!
Kristina S., age 43
I really love the super nice assistants at Dr. Brodsky’s office. The cool video games keep me busy while I wait (never very long though). I also love the point/prize system for doing well with my treatment! You guys ROCK.
Maya U., age 11
I don’t like doctors, or pain, or people looking at my teeth or in my mouth, and my mom told me that when I went to the doctor he would probably tell me that I had to quit sucking my thumb. When I did go, the young Dr. Brodsky was so nice. I love putting my finger on the computer scanner when I check in and all my friends go there. I am still afraid but everyone is so nice and it’s fun and I have finally stopped sucking my thumb.
Corinne S., age 11
I’m only seven years old but I know a good place when I see it. Dr. Brodsky’s office is way cool. He has a video game machine in the lobby, a giant flat screen, free toothbrushes, a clean place to go to and, best of all, he has very friendly people working with him.
Brianna T., age 7
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