Dealing with TMD

TMD might slightly confuse some readers because TMJ actually refers to both the Temporomandibular Joint as well as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. People call the disorder TMJ for short. Brodsky Orthodontics is all about educating our patients. Today we’d like to talk about TMD a little more as a way to understand what it is and Read More

Your Initial Consultation

We know that scheduling your initial consultation with a dentist or orthodontist can be a little bit problematic. So much so that some people often end up putting it off to the point where they don’t see a trained specialist for years at a time, if at all. At Brodsky Orthodontics, our primary goal is Read More

Benefits of iTero™ Digital Impression

Brodsky Orthodontics recognizes the importance of keeping up to date with technological advances. We also believe in the importance of educating our patients, which is why we’re here today to talk about iTero™ Digital Impression, technology we utilize here at our office in Long Beach, CA. iTero™ technology pretty much renders tray and putty impressions Read More

The Diode Laser Treatment

It’s today: the dreaded appointment with your orthodontist. You hope that you’ll get a clean bill of dental and orthodontic health, but what if you don’t? Will Novocaine have to be used? Needles? Other sharp instruments? Will you need a costly surgery? Will your insurance cover it in addition to the orthodontics treatments you’re already Read More

The Benefits of AcceleDent™

Are you daunted by the idea of having braces for an extended period of time? We don’t blame you at Brodsky Orthodontics. The whole idea of braces sounds like a big hassle, right? But there are ways that you can minimize your time under the shackles of braces. Braces are, for some, tend to be Read More

Braces Breakdown

We’ve come a long way in the realm of braces. Technology is a beautiful thing when it comes to dentistry. Kids and adults have more options than ever before. People don’t have to worry about being shunned by friends, colleagues or general antagonists in their lives because braces can be installed more discreetly than ever. Read More

How to Deal with Orthodontic Emergencies

Oh no! Something’s gone wrong with your braces. You’ve invested all this time and money into getting a healthy, straight smile, and now it seems like all that hard work may be derailed A true orthodontic emergency may be rare, but there is always the chance that something unfortunate could happen. If you find yourself Read More

The Risk of Sleep Apnea for Your Child is Real

Your daughter has been distracted and has trouble paying attention in class. She is irritable and snaps at people, and has trouble remembering things. You know she goes to bed at a reasonable hour, but somehow she always wakes up looking like she hasn’t closed her eyes in days and complains of still being tired. Read More

Do Braces Hurt?

Many of our first-time patients worry that getting braces will be a painful experience, and worry about how much discomfort they will need to endure. Getting braces is a big undertaking, and the thought of long-term pain can be offputting. The truth of the matter is that orthodontic treatment can be uncomfortable, but it is Read More

Are You Ready for your First Consultation?

The time has come. Your appointment is made. You’re going to get orthodontic treatment. If you’re feeling a bit nervous before your first consultation, you aren’t alone. Many people wonder what kind of orthodontic experience they will have. You may even have heard stories from friends and feel worried about the whole process. Whether you Read More

What is Malocclusion?

Malocclusion is a term that means “poor bite,” and it can refer to a number of problems with the alignment of your teeth. It’s often hereditary, meaning you are born with crooked teeth, or something could have caused a malocclusion to occur, like a traumatic injury, a tooth extraction, or even previous orthodontic work. You Read More

What are Cosmetic Braces?

For some people, Invisalign or other clear aligner systems simply cannot achieve the orthodontic corrections they need. In this case, it’s necessary to switch to traditional railroad track brackets and wires. This puts a patient into an awkward position. One of the primary reasons for using an aligner system is to avoid the embarrassment of Read More