Benefits of iTero™ Digital Impression

Brodsky Orthodontics recognizes the importance of keeping up to date with technological advances. We also believe in the importance of educating our patients, which is why we’re here today to talk about iTero™ Digital Impression, technology we utilize here at our office in Long Beach, CA.

iTero™ technology pretty much renders tray and putty impressions obsolete, an experience that is not unlike having a huge wad of chewing gum jammed into your mouth. This previous method was also unreliable and frequently resulted in multiple rounds of impressions that can be broken, misplaced, or overall rejected.

The overarching aim of creating a good impression is for the purposes of fabricating a well-fitting restoration, in order to supply the patient with a detailed and reliable visual representation. Some challenges that arise out of taking dental impressions is that your mouth is a moist environment. iTero™ technology doesn’t have to deal with the same hurdles.

How it Works

The iTero™ Element scanner will digitally capture the teeth structures as well as your gums using up to the minute optical technology. This technology is compact and hand-held, and the images are captured on a portable computer monitor. Your mouth is then scanned by a radiation-free laser (usually taking about 2-3 minutes), producing a perfect 3D rendering of your teeth and soft tissue structures.

This technology is beneficial in providing visual representations of teeth movement during proposed orthodontic treatment, and it is also crucial for the purpose of fabricating the aligners for Invisalign treatments.

The future of dentistry is being practiced here at Brodsky Orthodontics. Call today for your initial consultation and we will assess your goals and figure out the most effective course of treatment to reach those goals. Brodsky Orthodontics continues to maintain the concentrated service of a boutique office while incorporating game-changing technology that continues to evolve as time goes on. Schedule your one on one consultation today.