First Impressions…

Let’s be honest, going to the dentist or orthodontist can be messy, especially when it comes to making impressions of your teeth. Typically, dentists or orthodontists use putty or “goop” to make impressions of the patient’s teeth. While the addition of a flavor makes you think this practice is fun, that is a distraction from the inevitable mess from the putty. The goop gets all over your lips and mouth; you have to bite down for what seems like an eternity, worry about how you will breathe, and then when it is over, you have to be careful of getting saliva on your clothes despite the bib that is supposed to prevent such instances.

At Brodsky Orthodontics, we move forward and find new and innovative ways to replace the old, messy techniques. This way, the trip to our office is less of a hassle for our clients and the experience is efficient and effective. Regarding the goop process, we have replaced the messy practice with iTero digital impressions. This new, advanced method is accurate and comfortable. With the putty, multiple impressions are required which means more dirty trips and holdups. Digital impressions make your visits move quickly and give our staff immediate, 3D models of your teeth so that you do not have to wait for the next step of your orthodontic treatment.

Our scanner, the iTero Element is a compact, hand-held wand which is hooked up to a portable computer screen and the scans take two to three minutes on average. The scanner is radiation-free, and the 3D impression is an instant product of your teeth and gums. The immediate impressions allow us to communicate during the appointment and the treatment process efficiently. After we have a digital rendering of your teeth, we can predict the progression of your teeth’s movement on the computer screen. We use the scanner on most of our patients, and we use it to create aligners for patients who have chosen to use Invisalign for their braces.

Overall, the iTero Element Scanner is a convenient way for our patients to get the results they want without the detriment or hassle of outdated methods. There is no mess, no repeated impressions needed, no discomfort, and no wait. At Brodsky Orthodontics, we want to give you the treatment you deserve. Your visits to our offices should be comfortable and engaging as opposed to shoving goop into your mouth and the results take longer before we can explain our method of treatments to get you the smile you want.

There are plenty of options for you in regards to orthodontic treatment. We cannot speak for other practices, but for Brodsky Orthodontics we strive to provide an experience like no other. Our methods are current, and we continually look for new ways that will help you achieve that sparkly, wonderful smile. If you want to learn more about iTero scanning or other services we provide, please call our office and set up a consultation.