DDIY: Don’t Do It Yourself

In an era where there are a plethora of instructional videos on Youtube and social media, it is tempting to find a way to save a couple of bucks. DIY is helpful when it comes to fixing up your apartment on a budget, but not to orthodontics.

In Vancouver and Chicago, an increasing amount of teenagers have tried to use homemade braces to straighten their teeth, and yes, there are videos on Youtube that “instruct” the viewer on how to create DIY braces. They use metal earrings and elastics, among many other materials, to simulate braces. Orthodontists say that teeth move easily and the theory behind DIY braces may straighten teeth correctly, the procedure and process are complicated. In the long run, doing orthodontic procedures on your own can result in a higher bill in the ballpark of thousands of dollars.

DIY braces are harmful to oral health. They can lead to gum irritation, misalignment, and tooth loss. The risk that comes along with DIY braces is too high. Some people might get lucky and fix their problems, but others may not be so fortunate.

At Brodsky Orthodontics, we provide the best options for your braces. Our services will get you the results you want. At our offices, we offer three options regarding braces. First, there are the traditional miniature metal braces which consist of bonding the front of the patient’s teeth with brackets made of high-grade stainless steel. The wire connecting each bracket is slowly tightened, your teeth repositioned into proper alignment. Even though this is visible, you can choose the color of the bands which allows for a personalized and vibrant smile.

The second option is clear ceramic braces. While similar to the metallic version where the brackets are bonded directly to the front of the teeth, the ceramic material is clear and blend in with the color of the teeth. This type of braces is perfect for those who are conscious of their smile. The tradeoff here is that ceramic braces require attention when cleaning and caring for them since they are more brittle than the metallic braces.

The third and final category of braces is clear aligners with Invisalign. This method is considered the most advanced in the braces category. Clear aligners are effective, more comfortable, and less noticeable. They are worn 22 hours per day, and the doctor designs them digitally, making sure each set is just right for the individual patient. The patient wears a new invisible aligner that is adjusted every one to two weeks. Clear aligners are worn for the shorter amount of time and have the least amount of discomfort and food restrictions.

If you wish to learn more about braces or orthodontic procedures, please schedule an appointment with the Brodsky Orthodontics office, and we can figure out which set of braces is perfect for you and your teeth. Our services have virtually no risk and are much more consistent than any DIY Youtube video.