Our orthodontic office also contains a Craniofacial Imaging Center called Brodsky Imaging. Our imaging center provides amazingly low radiation three-dimensional Computerized Tomography (3D CT images) to our orthodontic patients utilizing the overwhelmingly popular i-CAT FLX Cone Beam CT scanner.

This new and exciting technology enables our doctors to obtain high definition, 3-D CT scans of our patients' maxilla and mandible. With one scan, lasting under five seconds, the doctor will be able to obtain all the necessary x-rays required for orthodontic treatment.

The i-CAT FLX cone beam scanner is used to produce 3D diagnostic records which are invaluable to develop a complete, accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment result for our patients. This state-of-the-art technology affords Cone-beam CT3D scan views of the face, head and teeth at a fraction of the radiation of any other single dental X-ray.

This means that the i-CAT scan uses the least amount of radiation of any dental X-ray machine while being exceedingly accurate. Additionally, this digital system does not use processing chemicals so it is also very environmentally friendly.

The i-CAT scan provides us with high-quality 3D images of the teeth, supporting bone, jaws, jaw joints and other bony structures important to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of common dental problems.

Our primary role is to make the teeth fit together properly and to produce the fullest, healthiest, and most natural smile. To us, this also means ensuring the best possible harmony between the teeth and jaw joints. Recognizing the importance of proper diagnosis and creating the best possible coordination of the teeth and jaw joints, the i-CAT scans help us accomplish the best total treatment result.

If you have any questions about this valuable service, we encourage you to ask the doctors, our staff or you can click on the link to find out more. Check out the features of our Next Generation i-CAT.

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Because of the uniqueness of our i-CAT machine, we allow the surrounding dental and medical community to use our machine to create images for their patients. All scans are taken in a very patient-friendly atmosphere where the patient can be seated in an upright position similar to a standard panoramic procedure.

We'll provide your referring doctor with either a CD, printed or email copies of your data. This 3-D data can be utilized for:

  • Dental implant planning
  • Orthodontic/Surgical Studies
  • Impacted teeth evaluations
  • TMJ studies
  • Bone grafting evaluations
  • Sinus and Airway studies
  • Oral path/reconstruction studies
  • Endodontic studies

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