New Technology in Our Office – Cone Beam 3-D Imaging

I-cat-x-raysWe are proud to announce that we are the only orthodontic office in Southern California with an iCAT2 Imaging machine. This state-of-the-art unit provides us with a 3-D x-ray scan of the head and has revolutionized the way we evaluate our orthodontic patients.

The 3-D x-ray scan allows us to look at any part of the skull in various aspects. The typical scan time is only 8.5 seconds and allows us to visualize the jaw joints, the dental arches and the face.

Certainly the iCAT system sets us apart and gives us a huge competitive edge. We are proud of the outstanding services and the quality of care we can provide to our patients.

I-cat-technology-dr-joel-brodskyOne iCATscan can improve our diagnosis and treatment planning by providing us with multiple analyses that were not available to us before. It allows us to accurately assess tooth relationships from an amazing three dimensional image. We can use this information to plan treatment of impacted teeth , evaluate true root position and root length, diagnose TMJ problems, analyze arch length precisely, and fabricate virtual study models.

Using Cone Beam 3-D imaging in our office, unquestionably eliminates the quesswork inherent to our profession and results in better diagnosis and treatment planning.

I-cat-technology-dr-joel-brodsky-examplesSafety is always our concern for our staff and patients. With a low exposure rate a Cone Beam 3-D x-ray is comparable to three traditional panoramic x-rays. But the diagnostic images created from just one iCAT scan produces a panorex x-ray, lateral ceph, frontal ceph, TMJ series, numerous slices, anatomical structure information and interactive 3D volumetric renderings.

This is wonderful news! Cone Beam Imaging technology is reducing the amount of radiation to our patients and produces many more images from the one scan.