Are You Ready for your First Consultation?

The time has come. Your appointment is made. You’re going to get orthodontic treatment. If you’re feeling a bit nervous before your first consultation, you aren’t alone. Many people wonder what kind of orthodontic experience they will have. You may even have heard stories from friends and feel worried about the whole process. Whether you were referred to us by your dentist or came to Brodsky Orthodontics on your own, there are a few things you can do to help prepare yourself for your visit.

The most important thing is knowing what your options are. Some goals can only be met with certain types of treatments. Some practices may not offer the treatment plan that would best suitAre you ready for your first consultation? your needs. At Brodsky Orthodontics, we specialize in a variety of treatments, from traditional braces to Invisalign and even surgical orthodontics, so your options are wide open. All of our options are safe and gentle, getting excellent results with a minimum of discomfort. If you have a preference on which treatment you like to use, be sure to ask about it when you arrive.
The initial consultation is very important in our practice. It gives us a chance to get acquainted with each other and learn what you are hoping to accomplish and how. The consultation should last about an hour. During this time you will have an advanced, thorough oral orthodontic diagnosis, so we’re also getting to know your teeth. Using 3D computer technology, we can project facial growth through maturity and show you the results of the proposed treatment. You will know what you will look like before you even start!

During this diagnosis, we will also take x-rays of your teeth and conduct a full oral exam. Once this is completed, we will answer any questions you might have and discuss potential treatment plans for your case. We’ll tell you when your treatment should start and how long it may take. We may even begin treatment that day, saving you the need to schedule another appointment.

Your initial consultation is also the time for working out an affordable payment plan. Our treatment coordinator will work with you to work out a plan that works for you. She will also help set up appointments that fit into your schedule. Many of our patients are students or working, and we make sure to have appointments available after school and work hours. If you would prefer to arrive at a quieter time, we can book your appointments in the morning.

Orthodontic treatment is a partnership between you and Dr. Brodsky. Your consultation lays the foundation for that relationship, ensuring that you are confident in your treatment and feel you are in good hands. If you have any questions, you can check out our FAQ’s or explore the rest of the New Patients section on our site.
We look forward to meeting you!