What’s the difference? Dentist vs. orthodontist?

4We get questions a lot from patients about the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist.  Well, to put it simply, most dentists are not orthodontists but allorthodontists are dentists.  There are almost 200,000 dental graduates practicing some form of dentistry in the United States and only about 10,000 of them are orthodontists.  While dentists can do orthodontic work, they cannot call themselves "orthodontists" as they have not completed a 2-3 year residency beyond dental school. This specialized training teaches an orthodontist the art and science of tooth movement beyond what they learn in a basic 4-year dental school.

While some dentists may perform adequate orthodontic work, there is no doubt that in the medical/dental world, specialized training is highly valued. Dr. Joel Brodsky attended the University of Rochester Eastman Dental Center for his orthodontic residency and Dr. Charles Brodsky completed his residency at Boston University.  They both trained under world renowned orthodontists as they developed skills before returning to the Greater Long Beach area to a limited practice of Orthodontics.  We treat both adults and children and are proud of our work and exceptional customer service


Unfortunately, the linked article shows an extreme example of someone who did not understand the person doing her braces was not an orthodontist and had a bad experience.  Make sure you do your research on the person potentially doing your orthodontic treatment.