Summer sports Q&A with Dr. Charles Brodsky

111While we know summer brings joy and fun, we're also aware that the summer season brings with it a greater chance of our athletes in treatment damaging their teeth. If you're playing sports this summer, it's important that you consult our staff at Brodsky Orthodontics for special precautions, such as wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards are advised for playing spring sports such as baseball, soccer, lacrosse, kickball and many, many more. Today, Dr. Charles thought he'd answer some of the most frequent questions we get from patients:

Q: How can I help prevent my teeth from becoming chipped or broken while I play sports this summer?
Wear a mouth guard!

Q: If I’m hit in the mouth, and a tooth gets knocked out, what can/should I do?
1. Find the tooth and determine if it is a baby tooth or adult tooth
2. Hold the tooth by the crown (the surface farthest from the gumline) - not the root
3. If it is an adult tooth, try to put the tooth back in the socket right away and have the child hold it in place
4. If the tooth can not be put back in the socket, store it in cold milk (DO NOT STORE IN TAP WATER)
5. Have the child bite down on a gauze pad to relieve bleeding and pain
6. Go to the dentist or Emergency Room right away

Q: What should I do if I am injured on a weekend when the office is closed?
Call our office for the emergency phone number. One of the doctors will be on call for emergencies 24 hours per day.

Q: Can my teeth be fixed if they are chipped, broken or knocked out?
In most cases, if you see a dentist soon after a tooth injury occurs, the tooth can be fixed. Unfortunately, the long-term health of the injured tooth is compromised.

Q: Are sports drinks bad for my teeth?
Some of them are bad for your teeth depending on the amount of sugar content. They are okay to drink only if you are brushing regularly.

Q: What can I drink to stay hydrated and keep my teeth healthy?
Lots of water.

Q: If I wear Invisalign aligners, will they help protect my teeth, or do I still need to wear a mouth guard?
Invisalign aligners will help protect your teeth from damage and wearing a mouth guard is not necessary.

Q: Can I still play sports while wearing my retainer, or is it best to take it out?
It is best to remove your retainer while playing sports. We have found that retainers are often lost or stepped on while playing sports.

Q: Can I still wear a mouth guard with braces?
Yes, a mouth guard is a must while playing contact sports with braces! We sell them in the reception area or you can purchase one at any sporting goods store. Make sure the mouth guard says "for orthodontics." The doctors will be happy to mold it to your teeth so that it fits properly while your teeth move.

We hope that helps! Give us a call at (562) 444-5340 if you have other questions about protecting your mouth this summer!