Second Time Around An Invisalign Success Story from Dr. Brodsky

rachelRachel Fales knows what it's like to wear braces – she went through treatment as a teenager. Like many people, at some point she stopped wearing her retainer. Without the support of her custom retainer, her teeth started to readjust as she aged.

"A couple of my teeth in particular had started to move," Rachel says. "Every time I looked in the mirror, I noticed these two teeth creeping forward. Some days, I would literally look at my reflection and say 'Whoa.'"

When Rachel found out about Invisalign, the tooth-straightening system that involves wearing clear plastic aligners, she was hooked. "All it took was a single visit to my doctor for them to make impressions of my teeth," says the 26-year-old sales rep. A sequence of thirteen custom plastic aligners are now bringing her teeth back into perfect position.

Currently on her third aligner, Rachel is delighted to report that Invisalign is working out even better than she expected. Prior to treatment, she had worried that she'd forget to wear the aligners, especially since she had trouble remembering to wear her retainer. "I have a tendency," she admits, "to not do things on a regular schedule – I'm terrible at taking my vitamins every morning!" She found wearing her aligners to be simple, and describes the experience as natural. "At this point, I feel weird if they're not in," she says. "And they don't interfere with eating, because I can just take them out at mealtime!"

rachelteethHer aligners don't show: they are made of thin plastic and they snap tightly onto her teeth. Rachel chuckles as she recalls, "The only person who picked up on the difference was my boyfriend's mom, and she just thought my teeth were shinier!"

Rachel does like to point out her aligners to friends. "I want them to know that Invisalign is a cool way to have perfect teeth again – even if they were like me and stopped wearing their retainers after having braces as a kid."

If you have questions about Invisalign. Give us a call at Brodsky Orthodontics, maybe you are a candidate for the amazing invisible aligners.