More happy patients at Brodsky Orthodontics!

1010About a month ago, we asked our patients to write reviews about their experience atBrodsky Orthodontics. And boy, did they! Thanks so much for your kind words, everyone - here are just some of the things they wrote!

"The staff so far have been outstanding and do their best to work with you. I have to have a gadget screwed to my upper palate and am mortified but have confidence in the staff when they say it will not be that bad. The staff are also very friendly. ~ Janira B.

"Everyone is very friendly, gentle, and personable. I look forward to my orthodontist oppointments to say hi to old friends. I can't wait until my next visit!" ~ Brandi B.

"The staff (of course!!) All of you are so personable to myself and my whole family. I appreciate the time you take to make us comfortable while in your office. My twins love it there and cannot wait to get their appliances on!!!" ~ Traci G.

"One of the things i like about my orthodontist is that thier really nice and have a l of of patients with me. even thought my mom gets mad or angry of the most weirdest things we still love you guys. my orthodontist has a lot of very gentle..makes me laugh and always puts a smile on my face." ~ Kathy C.

"I am new to this office, having never been to an orthodontist. I find Dr. Brodsky and his staff to be quite professional and warm. Professionalism and friendliness of staff, as well as its overall organization and cleanliness, are of key importance to me. Brodsky Orthodontics has exceeded my expectations in each of these areas." ~ Jennifer B.