Little Yellow “Green” Car!

greencarMaybe some of you have noticed the little bright yellow car parked in our parking lot. That's Dr. Brodsky's new Smart Car. A few years ago while Dr. Brodsky and his wife were in Europe, he decided he would buy a Smart Car if they ever became availabe in the US.

It was a long wait and process to get that little car. Initially, Dr. Brodsky had to put his name on a 9 month waiting list just to order the car. Next, it took another month before he could pick up his sporty yellow car.

This stylish foreign car weighs about 1800 pounds, carries the driver and one passanger. People worry about its safety on the road but amazingly it passed with an outstanding four star crash test rating. The Smart Car is distributed through Mercedes-Benz . It has a three cylinder engine and gets 35 miles to the gallon.
Dr. Brodsky says, "It's the coolest car I've ever owned and I am happy to be a part of the 'green' generation!"