How do we “Go Green” at Brodsky Orthodontics?

77At Brodsky Orthodontics, we have been doing more and more to reduce our carbon imprint on the world, and we can proudly say our office has been "green" for some time now. Believe it or not, Dr. Joel unknowingly began the process of "going green" when he brought the first computer, an "IBM PC" into the practice in 1983. Dr. Charles was only 6 years old then! While these computers began to help us become more efficient and organized, it actually created more paper for the practice. Today things are a lot different! In 2003, we purchased the Dolphin Management System which allowed us to use paperless treatment cards. In January of 2009, we gave up paper documents and folders for all of our new patients and converted everything to digital files using PDF and other formats. Starting this past summer, all insurance and new patient information is transmitted over the internet via encrypted files to prevent the need to print paper which would previously have to be destroyed after scanning. Communications with our referring doctors is done via letters over the internet as well.

We are happy to report that we are now 99% green at Brodsky Orthodontics. Our office is almost completely paperless! All treatment cards, patient information and x-rays are completely digital. Not only are the x-rays we take digital, but they are 3D since they are taken in our on-site Craniofacial Imaging Lab. We are now scanning our impressions and converting impressions into a digital 3D format. That means no more plaster. Soon we will begin actually scanning teeth with an "intraoral wand" which will create a 3D image instantly! No more gooey material in your mouth. Within the next year we will be removing the file cabinets from the front office since they will no longer be needed. Technology has come a long way in the last 30 years and we continue to stay ahead of the curve and help our environment.