Get rewarded!

Get Points and Redeem for Great Prizes!

For as little as 3 points, you can start redeeming for great prizes. Look for additional contests throughout your journey to earn even more points! Visit our website often for the latest updates! You can view your points any time at, then click Patient Rewards on the menu. Enter your 9 digit Rewards Card number to see your current points, view the on-line Reward Guide and check for special contests and prizes.

How You Earn Points...

You can earn points several different ways, here is how:

Clinical Rewards - Earn 3-10 Points

  • Having Diagnostic records the same day as your consultation - 10 points
  • Having Diagnostic records on any other day then the consultation - 3 points

Clinical Rewards - Earn 1 Point

  • Terrific Oral Hygiene
  • Nothing Loose or Broken
  • Wearing Appliances as instructed
  • Brushing effectively after signing in for appointments
  • Being on Time for your appointment
  • Scheduling you next appointment before leaving the office

General Dentist Visitation - Earn 1-2 Points

  • Seeing your Dentist or Hygienist for a cleaning - 1 point
  • No cavities at your dental exam - 1 point
  • Seeing Dentist as requested for treatment (extractions, restorations, chain, etc) - 2 points

Practice Building Rewards - Earn 2-100 Points

  • Referring a friend or family member for a consultation - 100 points
  • When your referral starts their treatment with us - 100 points
  • Wearing our office T-shirt to your appointment - 1 point
  • Participating in an office contest - 1 point
  • Sharing a written testimonial about our office - 5 points
  • Becoming a member on our “myspace” page - 2 points

Patient Leadership Rewards - Earn 1-2 Points

  • For each “A” earned on Report Card - 1 point
  • Community Service (5points for every 30 minutes)
  • Personal Successes (Pt earns an award, article in paper) - 2 points

"Kids Club" Rewards - Earn 1-2 Points

  • Each baby tooth lost - 2 points
  • Recall check up - 1 point
  • Bring in your drawing of the “Tooth Fairy” - 1 point
  • Write a story about the “Tooth Fairy” - 2 points

Tooth Fairy pictures coming soon!