Dr. Brodsky Uses His Cleft Palate Skills In Zambia

cleft palateDr. Brodsky was able to use his skills in Cleft Palate care while in Zambia. Dr B’s guide confided to him that his newborn baby daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and it remained unrepaired. The guide brought his wife and 2 month old daughter to the hotel Dr. Brodsky was staying at in Livingstone, Zambia for an examination and consultation.

This beautiful little girl did indeed have a cleft lip and palate. Unfortunately, there was not a trained surgeon who could correct this problem there. Upon returning to the US, Dr. B networked with his colleagues and was able to arrange for a surgeon to go to Livingstone and operate on the child. This will occur at the beginning of June. Dr. Brodsky never thought his skills as an orthodontist would be required in Africa!