Dr. Brodsky Patient Reviews

couplesmilingHere at Brodsky Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on making your orthodontic experience enjoyable and efficient. Just hear what our patients are saying about our excellent service! Dr. Brodsky is always in the office and I never have to see different doctors. The office setting is beautiful and always clean. They have cutting edge technology and there are cookies and coffee. I do not feel like having braces is a punishment! I could go on and on!
-Zindy T.

Everyone is very friendly, gentle, and personable. I look forward to my orthodontist appointments to say hi to old friends. I can't wait until my next visit!
-Brandi B.

They are nice and friendly and they try their best to make it as painless as possible
-Marsea W.

They are very accommodating!
-Candace S.

Brodsky Orthodontics is so kid-oriented. They have x-boxes and a TV so we can watch movies. Also, the staff is really nice.
-Donna H.

They talk to you like a person, not a patient!
-Nadia S.

I was a patient of Dr. Brodsky’s when I was a teen and I really liked the atmosphere in his office and his service and rewards programs. My sister and I have brought our kids and families to him. He's great and his staff is also. He must treat them well, because they are always pleasant and helpful.
-Cynthia G.

I have known Dr. Brodsky for a very long time as all four of my children have come to his office for orthodontics. His office is very cheerful and Dr. Brodsky and his staff are wonderful.
-Cindy F.