Ways to Keep You Safe

Scheduling Appointments

  • Only scheduled patients will be seen in our clinical area.  Walk-in patients will NOT be allowed back into our clinic and will need to be rescheduled into an available appointment opening.
  • All patients will need to fill out an online questionnaire which will be texted and/or emailed to them 24 to 48 hours before their scheduled appointment to assess for COVID-19. Please know that if any symptoms exist, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Entering Brodsky Orthodontics

  • Please enter the office at your exact appointment time to help reduce a build-up of patients in any one area. A stoplight has been installed at the front door which we control. Please only enter the office when it turns green. While waiting to enter, please stand over one of the designated stickers which are spaced 6 feet apart.
  • Personal masks/face coverings need to be worn by anyone entering the office so please don't forget to bring one from home.
  • All patients and staff need to sanitize their hands as soon as they enter the office.
  • No one is permitted to wait in the waiting room. Both parents and siblings are asked to wait in the car unless it is imperative for you to be with your child.
  • Sneeze guards have been installed to separate patients from our administrative staff.
  • All touchable areas (countertops, door handles, pens, toilets/sinks) will be cleaned on a regular schedule with both viral disinfectants as well as a fogged twice per day using hypochlorous acid.


  • Once you arrive in the waiting room, a staff member will check-in each patient manually (NOTE: the finger scanner will NOT be used).
  • Body temperature will be taken at our automatic touchfree Wellness Station prior to entering the clinic and must be below 100.0 degrees (for both patients and staff). Please stand in front of the screen and wait for it to read your temperature. Additionally, a series of questions will be asked of both staff and patients/parents before entering the clinic area to assess whether a patient might currently have the COVID-19 virus or to evaluate whether a patient is at high-risk to develop life threatening symptoms if infected.
  • Patients are encouraged to brush their teeth at home prior to their appointment because they will NOT be able to brush at the brushing station (it will be closed). Instead all patients will rinse with 100ppm Molecular Iodine (IORINSE) for 30 seconds to significantly reduce any present virus in their mouths prior to being seen and spit the solution back into the cup.

Clinical Area 

  • Social distancing rules will be followed between patients throughout the office and patients are to stand in designated areas marked by a large green circular sticker on the floor.
  • We have reduced the number of patients that will be seen at any one time by 20% and every patient is separated by at least 6 feet in addition to a medical grade barrier between chairs. If a patient is considered high-risk due to age or has a high potential for developing a life threatening medical condition, treatment will be performed in a special area of the office.
  • Staff and doctors will be wearing approved gowns, masks, gloves, eye protection and head coverings per CDC and OSHA regulations and are allowed to move into the social distancing space with their protective attire.
  • We will not be performing any aerosol creating procedures unless absolutely necessary. Additionally, air and water will NOT be combined in our hand pieces (drills) or in our air/water syringes.
  • 3 HEPA Surgical Filters with UV-C lights are located throughout the office to increase air turnover and remove any potential aerosol by killing viral particles. Additionally, 2 specialized chair side Extraoral Dental Suction aerosol units will be used on any patient where a hand piece (drill) is needed for removal of attachments or braces.
  • The HVAC (air-conditioning system) has been fitted with a specialized filter and UV-C light to kill any living viruses or germs present in the air ducts.
  • Parents who wish to be present virtually may FaceTime your child during the appointment.

Exiting Brodsky Orthodontics

  • Patients will leave the office via the back door to prevent patients from passing each other on the way out and violating social distancing norms.
  • Payments and scheduling of future appointments will occur in the clinic area before leaving. If parents cannot be present via FaceTime or speakerphone, we will make your next appointment for you or send you an email link so that you can choose your next appointment. Please call us to reschedule if the day or times do not work. All appointment confirmations will come via text and email.
  • Everyone must sanitize their hands upon leaving the office.
  • Our staff will walk our younger patients (under 10 years of age) back out to the parking lot to make sure that they return to you safely.