Anyone can have braces! From Brodsky Orthodontics

Tom_Cruise3It's true: Tom Cruise had braces. Not when he was a pimply-faced teenager. No - just 8 years ago! During this time, he was 40 years old and filmed Minority Report, Austin Powers in Goldmember and the Last Samurai. Just check out his smile in Jerry Maguire, Rain Man or The Firm and compare to the post-braces Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder or Valkyrie! The fact is, movie stars need to look their best for the silver screen, and it wouldn't be possible without orthodontists like Drs.Joel and Charles Brodsky.

In fact, plenty of Hollywood stars have had orthodontic treatment. Check out this slideshow of famous faces. If you’ve thought about getting the perfect smile you’ve always wanted, please give Brodsky Orthodontics a call at (562) 444-5340.