20th Annual Skate Depot Summer Party, with Brodsky Orthodontics

IMG_0042This past Tuesday evening from 6-8pm, Brodsky Orthodontics held its 20th Annual Skate Depot Summer Party in Cerritos for all of their patients. Approximately 350 patients and friends showed up for this fabulous event. The evening started with a free skate around the ring. After about one hour, everyone did the “hokey pokey” and turned themselves around. The evening concluded with a raffle where 10 lucky patients won a gift certificate to Golden Spoon.






IMG_0049Many Brodsky Orthodontics team members were seen slowly making their way around the ring. Both Dr. Charles and Dr. Brodsky made multiple appearances skating around the ring. Dr. Charles decided to go with in-line rollerblade skates, while Dr. B chose to go with the more “traditional” skates. Thankfully, neither doctor was seen falling.

Thanks for attending this wonderful exciting event. If for some reason anyone was unable to make it this year, we look forward to seeing you on skates next August.